Black Magic is used as unconventional weapon to harm people by the other people because of their (one who uses) uncontrollable greed, jealousy and the fear of other person growing up in their respective lives.

This blog will tell how to check black magic in house by a series of 4 easy tests, the symptoms and also give you some solutions. We sincerely hope that you are not a victim of black magic. God Bless!

Dreams Test:

Dreams are regarded as very important in most cultures; it gives new insights, warnings, and a glimpse of the future (premonitions). A real life example where few people in the USA had premonition dreams that warned them about the Twin Towers attack(9/11) beforehand with nightmares(warnings not to go there), saving some fortunate souls that day.

Dreams are very powerful source of information

Similarly, dreams can warn you about the negative presence or black magic in your house. But what are these dreams that alert you and how can I interpret It.?

These dreams could be:

  • Someone or something is chasing you.
  • Someone close to you dying.
  • Scary entities threatening you.

To better interpret dreams follow these methods:

  1. Have a Dream Journal(Simple Book) right beside your bed and as soon as you get up every day in the morning, write what you remember from the dream and no matter how weird the dream is and write it as soon as you get up because as you wait for long, you tend to forget the dream.
  2. Ask your family members to do the same if that is an option.
  3. Analyze them later.

Why do these dreams get triggered? Everyone has extrasensory power (ESP) or the Gut Feeling it is called, and it can sense the anomaly in your house. Another reason could be that your family deity or family guardian is contacting you through dreams warning you of a threat that is growing.

Lamp Test:

Light a lamp in your house for 5 days after 6 pm like in the image & doesn’t matter which day. Suppose the fire is getting blown away repeatedly without any apparent reason such as air or without the oil being drained out. In that case, it could mean there is a negative presence.

Indian Traditional Lamp

Why does it happen? In some cultures, it is believed that when you light a lamp, you are connected to God and invite God to your house, and the negative presence does not want that to happen.

Observation test:

A close observation of things around you can reveal a lot of information:

Smell or Odor Test

You or your family members start smelling a rotten or a pungent odour in your home. You will try to clean your house multiple times and as good as possible; still, you won’t be able to find the source of this foul smell or stop it.

What is the reason? It happens because of this malicious creation in your house, they are born of malicious intent, thoughts and location, so they carry the foul smell every time with them. And when they are in your house you can smell it too.

Self- Observation Test:

  • Family members get agitated, get upset very quickly, and start fighting the other family members’ for the silliest reasons. You will find a warlike situation in your home, and this happens all of a sudden and a lot. Later, when you or your family members are calm will think that was a silly reason to fight for.
  • Members lose interest in life, keep things to themselves, seek loneliness, and try to keep themselves in the dark places.
  • You start to see silhouettes or shadows at the corner of eyes or sometimes shadows disappearing in front of your eyes. This feeling will be like someone standing in front of you, and then just disappearing.
  • Time and again you feel that someone is watching you.

Reason? Even the worst version of black magic cannot harm a person with strong will power. And will power comes from an interest in life, family, trust, joy and most important with attachment to God. For the magic to cause severe damage, this creation’s first objective is to break the will power and lose interest in fighting it and it is done through intimidation, fear and breaking the unity among the family members.

And this occurs slowly without you or your family members even suspecting it.

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist

— Charles Baudelaire

Tulasi or Holy Basil Plant Test the Presence of Black Magic

Holy Basil Plant ( Tulsi Plant)
  • Buy a Basil plant( Tulsi or Tulasi Plant) and some other plant(mustard plant, mint) from different species (Not from the Cactus Family such as Aloe Vera).
  • Place them in your balcony or a space close to your home. Place the plants a few meters apart from each other. Water both these plants regularly and equally and observe both of them.
  • If there is a negative presence in your house, the Tulsi plant won’t grow properly; it will dry out, rot and eventually die without any apparent reason. In contrast, the other plant that is not a Tulsi will continue to grow normal.

Remember: You plant both on the same day, good sunlight is a must and an equal amount of freshwater (No saltwater).

Reason Why Tulsi Dies Out? Tulsi is considered sacred in Hinduism, and a manifestation of a Goddess. This plant grows only in a positive environment or a neutral environment, when black magic is cast upon someone, it influences and changes the environment to a negative one; thus, Tulsi dies out. Also, you can retry this step to be doubly sure.

Why did we recommend these tests? Most of our devotees/clients had said that they had experienced these things when they were under the influence of black magic such as dreams, lamps, odour. So our Temple formulated and came with these easy homemade tips to detect black magic in one’s house.

Other Symptoms:

  • Disturbed Sleep Cycle.
  • Sleeping too much or too less.
  • Chills and Goosebumps when you are in your house.
  • Constant headache and body aches (Even your regular doctor won’t be able to diagnose it properly)
  • Losing interest to take a bath and pray to God or visit holy sites.

Suppose you notice that you have any of these symptoms or that the tests shows that there is a negative presence. In that case, the first thing that you need to do is “Don’t Panic or Fear it” As we had previously mentioned your will power is the most powerful tool to shield against these vile beings or creations.

The Solution(s):

Most of the black magic or Voodoo curses cannot be dealt with home remedies, it requires divine intervention or need to wait it out or seek a professional help.

The reason why most black magic curses cannot be dealt with home remedies is because, black magic did not just like that visit your house and start effecting its members. They were summoned, given a purpose and sent to your house intentionally to cause disturbance and anarchy. That is why a divine intervention is needed to remove black magic.

Trust and Pray to God:

Every Family has Kula-dèvatā, also known as Kuladeva or Kuladevi or Kula Deivam or Home Deity or Family guardian, these Gods will always play the most prominent role in protecting a family, and no evil can influence or disturb you or your family when they are guarding you. But many families have forgotten to follow the old rituals and pray particularly to these guardians, by not doing this they are not inviting them to their house and ask for their protection.

People ignored it because either they were lazy or their ancestors forgot to teach this practice to their next generations citing modern lifestyle and technology.

When you don’t invite Kula Devata to your house, this is when these dark beings enter your house without any obstacle when they are cast upon you. Pray to them (Kula deiva) and ask for their protection whether you are under the influence of black magic or not. They will help you with other remove other obstacles and impediments in your life.

Seek out Professional Help:

Find a temple that has some experience in removing these anomalies. These temples are mostly dedicated to Muneshwara Swamy (Form of Lord Shiva), Devi temples (Kali, Pratyangira Devi,) in your locality. You can ask the priest of the temple and they will point in the right direction.

And our Muneshwara Swamy Temple in Bangalore can help you remove all kinds of black magic from any person or a place.

Lord Muneshwara – The Family Deity of Many Families in India

 Why our Temple to remove Black Magic?

  • We have resolved over black magic over 10,000+ cases in the last 12 years alone.
  • Generations of experience in removing Voodoo, Kaala Jaadu(Black Magic).
  • Our temple follows ancient Vedic techniques/rituals to remove black magic and its effects.
  • Also, we have the blessings and protection of our temple’s deity Lord Muneshwara Swamy (Form of Lord Shiva), who will also protect you and help you get out from the hold of this dark power(s) like our other clients/devotees.
  • We help people of all faith and religions.

A Small Warning: Many fake gurus and experts claim to remove black magic and that to in 5 mins- 10 mins, avoid them. The process of removing black magic is longer than that.

And most of these fake gurus want to manipulate your dire situation and cheat money out of you and offer you no solution.

And the black magic that is already ruining you, it will manipulate you to meet these fake gurus so that they can give a glimmer of hope and continue attaching with you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Are the symptoms same for all kinds of black magic, or is it different?

The symptoms are almost the same. Black magic is the English word for Kaala Jaadu, Seivinai, Voodoo, Obeah, etc. All these mean the same(Magic used for the destructive purpose) just different words. But just because you have symptoms does not mean you are afflicted with black magic, it could be a big coincidence too (in rare cases).

2. Will the black magic leave my house after a certain time?

Every magic has an end goal until that is complete it won’t leave your house. But in some cases, the severity of the power can decrease as the time passes on, can decrease because of divine intervention.
The time taken for the magic to lose its powers could be months and sometimes evens years.

3. How to protect the house from black magic?

Keep yourself and your house clean, do not bring home strange things that you find randomly on the road, visit places of power (Your Religious sites), place rock salt on all the available corners of your house, find and follow the old rituals to your Family guardian. Most importantly, strong will power can keep all magic away from your home.

4. What are Basil leaves and where can I find them?

What? Basil leaves or Tulsi or Tulasi is a most common plant that is found in India, and it is considered holy in Hinduism. Where? You can find it most shops that are set near Hindu temples(especially temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu and his avatars) or go to nearest botanical garden in your city or you can order the seeds online. It would cost you not more Rs 50 or <$1 for a full grown plant or 20-30 seeds in India.
More Info:
1. There are multiple species in Tulsi, it doesn’t matter which you use for this test.
2. Tulsi in Hinduism: An Wikipedia article.

5. Who is a family deity and how can I find mine?

This is a little tricky for some families to find their family deity. You might have heard of the guardian angels who watches over you, this is a similar concept, Family deities or home deity or kula deivam or kula devata are but your ancestors with mystical powers who watches over your family and protects you from harm and other negative forces. Family deity can be a God or Goddess.

There is a custom in Hinduism where some families won’t start new ventures without seeking the blessings of their family deity and their is a belief even the God of death must seek permission from the family deity before proceeding with their task.

You can find your family deity by simply asking the senior members of your family or relatives or from old photos and documents. One of the best ways to find them is to find your native place or village, where your ancestors lived 100 – 200 years back and this involves a thorough investigation from your end. Once the place is found, go there and check with the locals and they will be able give you the right directions

Muneshwara Swamy is one of the home deities in India, others being Karrupu Swamy, Sangali Karuppan Swamy, Kukke Subramanya Swamy, Yellamma Devi Amma, Mookuthi Amma etc. There are a lot of family deities and they are different for each family or clan and every deity has temple dedicated to them.